Mametz Wood was the objective of the 38th (Welsh) Division during the First Battle of the Somme (France), between 7th and 12th July 1916. By the 12th July the wood was effectively cleared of the enemy, but the Welsh Division had lost about 4,000 men killed or wounded.

On the 11th July 1987 at 3pm a Memorial, in the form of a Red Dragon, was dedicated to the fallen and injured.
Many people worked without wanting reward or recognition to bring the memorial at Mametz into realisation. The memorial was publicly funded and raised by members of the south Wales branch of the Western Front Association.Clomid

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In July 2016 there are plans to hold a commemoration of 100 years since the battle. Please watch this page for further information and as soon as we have any news we will publish it.

Flagyl ERThis site endeavours to give the story behind the memorial itself. It by no means detracts from the sacrifice and suffering made by the soldiers of that battle.

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